Photography: Kim Weston

Hair and Makeup: Karaine Holness

Art Direction and Styling: Nathifa Akbar


THURSDAY  NOVEMBER 30 , 2017  from 12-1PM

Yale, New Haven, CT


THURSDAY  NOVEMBER 30 , 2017 from 6 PM – 8 PM EDT

Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT



Mental Health as a Civil Right, A #BHeard Town Hall discussion.

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@BRIC House Ballroom  Brooklyn, NY


“This book serves as an invaluable resource to urban America. My job as a law-enforcement professional demands that I ensure that institutional racism has as little effect on my organization as possible. However, more importantly, as a father, it's imperative that each of my sons is empowered to take charge of their destinies, not simply by being taught how to navigate the turbulent waters which are continually stirred up by institutional racism, but to use those waters to guide them into a future where they have control over their destinies. Dr. Akbar's book is one such tool which I'm sure will help them get there.“


Anthony Campbell, Chief of Police, New Haven Police Department